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“The Search for Everything:” A blend of overlapping genres


John Mayer, an American rock singer, recently released his seventh album, “The Search for Everything.” This album consists of four songs, all of which have passion-filled acoustics that accentuate the folk and blues side of his music.

He opens his album with the song “Moving On and Getting Over.” The first few bars begin with jazz guitar riffs, which help ease into the laid-back tone that his singing brings to the overall feel of the song. His attempts at weaving words into the guitar’s steady pulse add depth to the song, and the stylistic choice he makes when singing the chorus in staccato notes contributes a unique sound. However, it still lacks a solid tune and isn’t very memorable.

Mayer is able to further display his roots in the folk genre with “Changing.” The song itself has a very nonchalant and dull quality to it, and when paired with the repetitive lyrics, it becomes lackluster and boring. Aside from that, the lyrics— had they been written more eloquently— could have left a more lasting impact. The song conveyed a strong message of the many changes in life, whether large or minute, but Mayers failed to get it across well.

The single for this album, “Love on the Weekend,” is the most different of the four songs, as his pop influences show through. The defined beats, emphasized by the guitar’s part, lock everything in place and allow the lyrics to flow smoothly. His voice also complements the relaxed vibe of the song, as it’s both soothing and powerful, yet not overbearing. The highlight of this song is the catchy instrumentals that are played after the chorus is sung due to its distinct and recognizable sound.

With the ballad, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” Mayer concludes his album with a strong melody, producing poignant feelings through his tone choice and the quick changes in his voice’s register. The song is stripped and only features the singer, a piano and a whistler, which contributes to a classic, warm mood. The tracks in “The Search for Everything,” though diverse in sound and genre, are still tied to into one another through a central theme of life and love.

Written by Emmeline Tantry, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of AXS

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