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Anything Goes“Anything Goes (3/5 stars)

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, “Everything Goes,” is a genuine and honest podcast where Chamberlain sheds some light on her life to her fans. Chamberlain talks about her mental health, where she’s at with her life and offers advice to her fans in hopes that she can make a positive impact. While Chamberlain’s discussion topics range widely and give off the vibe that she is only talking to a friend, Chamberlain is able to normalize discussion surrounding mental health and make other people feel less alone. Chamberlain encourages her fans to tweet her questions that they may have, and Chamberlain does her best to offer advice and tell stories about her experiences surrounding this topic. Chamberlain’s podcast allows fans to get an inside look at her life and is another way for her to be candid about how she is feeling and what is going on.

By Flora Lei, Print Editor in Chief

The Joe Rogan Experience

“The Joe Rogan Experience” (4/5 stars)

One cannot talk about podcasts without talking about the podcast that propelled the medium into the digital limelight, the Joe Rogan Experience. Starring comedian and color commentator Joe Rogan, the podcast usually consists of interviews with guests ranging from his friends in comedy to major politicians. Most episodes with guest appearances are long, informal interviews, often with long tangents punctuated only by Rogan’s casual reactions. While Rogan does have the comedy chops fit for podcasting, the vast majority of the allure the Joe Rogan Experience comes from his guest interviews. Figures ranging from billionaire Elon Musk to political philosopher Cornel West have made appearances on the podcast, and letting them talk almost entirely uninterrupted for hours on end yields some interesting results. One of the Joe Rogan Experience’s strengths is its ability to give fringe voices a place in the public discourse, featuring controversial guests like Stephen Pinker and Edward Snowden to expose listeners to perspectives not heard in everyday conversation.

By Jason Wu, Opinion editor

Teenager Therapy

“Teenager Therapy” (5/5 stars)

Not only are they simple and convenient, the large library of podcasts provide numerous topics “Teenager Therapy,’’ is a podcast made by five highschool sophomores who speak about their life experiences in highschool. Their goal is to reach the people who are struggling alone and provide a platform where they can feel included. They tackle topics of mental health by voicing their opinions and personal experiences to their listeners. The teenagers’ podcast records their discussions about different obstacles and creates an environment where listeners can feel comfortable. The teenagers advocate for the recognition of the idea that teenagers have problems. Their catchy podcast catchphrase, “teenager therapy, because we have problems too,” gives off the lingering feeling that emotions are part of what makes somebody human. By talking about many of their own real life experiences, they carry out their catchphrase by relating to others. The episode “Sexuality & Straight Boi Problems,” consists of one of the teenagers explaining their coming-out story and zooming into their parents’ reactions. Sharing a personal story like this gives listeners a peace of mind knowing that they are not the only ones facing challenges. “Teenager Therapy” allows other teenagers to have a safe listening place to validate their feelings.

By Rikka Tagayuna, Staff writer

Strange Flavors

“Strange Flavors” (5/5 stars)

Content creators Amber Azadi, Faras Aamir and Shahmeer Wali’s podcast is an open and genuine review on everything. The podcast is set in a casual and conversational tone which allows the listeners to feel like part of the conversation and allows the listener to relate. Some of the episodes called “Strange Exchanges’’ feature the three of them talking openly about personal life experiences and trending topics and it makes the listener feel like they are chatting with friends. The other type of episode they host is when they interview a guest of their choosing. The guests all vary in background, ethnicity, and occupation.  Some of my favorite episodes included Isaac Saqib from “Next in Fashion” on Netflix, Instagram artist Emmen Ahmed and Moe Vision who is a fashion designer. Something special about these episodes is how it shows the “behind-the-scenes” of different events the guests partake in.The podcast allows listeners to get an inside look at the hosts lives as well as the guests which starts with a quick answer question which the host’s answer which sparks a discussion to start the podcast. At the end of the podcast, they ask their guest (if any) which ice cream flavor describes them and their personality. Overall, it is a “melting pot” of a podcast on society and culture.

By Sofia Majeed, Staff writer
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