Pizza with a pie-cultural twist

Cilantro is being sprinkled on the Fan Favorite Chicken Tikka Masala specialty pizza.

Cilantro is being sprinkled on the Fan Favorite Chicken Tikka Masala specialty pizza.

Recently, I was made aware of a new pizza restaurant opening up, upon finding out it was a branch of the Curry Pizza company, I knew I had to try out. Located on Lemon Avenue in Walnut, the Pizza Company offers delicious pizza and sides such as masala fries and tandoori wings that are different from your average chain pizza place. The pizza and appetizers are different because they are a fusion of flavors from South Asia and classic American cuisine.

The pizza is heavy with different toppings, the customer can have the option to purchase a signature pizza or create their own by purchasing a “build your own” pizza. The pies are more expensive than your typical major chain corporation, however they are worth the price. This cuisine is unique to the area, and the portion sizes were good coupled with the generous topping amount. For example, the 10 inch medium pizza, which comes with 8 slices, can easily feed a family of four. Purchasing a signature pizza is worth it because there are many toppings on each pizza. On the other hand, purchasing a build your own pizza is not worth the price because it is $1.50 per each topping added on the pizza, and the price per topping is on the more expensive side in comparison to the signature pizzas.

My personal favorite is the chicken tikka masala pizza because it’s the perfect ratio of chicken to other toppings. I would recommend this pizza to anyone as it is not very spicy; however, it still has a lot of flavor. Apart from the toppings, there is the delicious crust. Overall, the pizzas I tried held together well. Each had a soft crust in the middle and a crunchy, yet spacious crust at the edges. The pizzas are a fusion of American and South Asian flavors. The American tones of red sauce and mozzarella cheese blend well with South Asian chicken and the tikka sauce. The ethnic flavors overpowered the traditional flavors in the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza and in the Butter Chicken pizza. I personally enjoyed this; however, for something more classic I would recommend the Desi Barbecue pizza because the flavors balanced out perfectly. Neither side was overpowering the other. This ethnic twist on an American staple tasted delicious.

I also tried the masala fries, they were average, but had too much of a liquid consistency for me to find enjoyable. The presentation of the masala fries was not appealing, as mentioned earlier the curry was in a liquid state. A substitute side that’s delectable is the cheese bread. It’s the perfect texture and taste. If that’s too much cheese, opt for the delicious chicken wings that are marinated for 15 plus hours. In comparison to chicken wings from chain places, these score much higher. I would rate the traditional wings a five out of five. The menu offers two types of chicken wings: boneless and traditional.

On account of COVID-19, they only offer takeout and some delivery services. There was limited contact for safety reasons: however all the food was packaged well and still hot. The online ordering experience was seamless and easy. All in all, the service was courteous and attentive.
Overall, I would definitely recommend supporting this restaurant. The service and food was very good based on flavor and quality. In comparison to typical, larger chain restaurants, I prefer the Curry Pizza Company.

By Sofia Majeed, Staff writer
Photos courtesy of The Curry Pizza Company