Anything but ordinary products from The Ordinary skincare brand

After using products from The Ordinary for two weeks, I noticed improvements in my skin. It helped my skin feel more fresh and helped clear my complexion. 

At first glance, the packaging was very aesthetically pleasing. The boxes and products were very minimalistic and modern with a simplistic design. The same font and style was throughout the packaging. The clean and sleek design exudes professionalism. 

On the first day of use, I noticed that the Squalene Cleanser had a texture that was personally unfavorable. It was thick and hard to apply to my face, especially because my skin was dry like the instructions said for it to be. In addition, I felt like it did not really benefit my skin. It removed the oils and helped refresh my face. The cleanser also did a poor job of removing my makeup. Although it got majority of my makeup off, the cleanser still left some residue on my skin. The cleanser was also a milk cleanser in a way; it did not bubble up, which I was not expecting, and felt more like a lotion rather than a face wash. 

From my purchase, my favorite product was the Niacinamide Face Serum. When I applied the product, it applied smoothly onto my face and dried quickly. My skin absorbed the product very well, and it left my face with a shiny finish that did not make it look oily. This product brightened my skin and blurred some of my blemishes.

By Freda Lei, Staff writer


Over a two week period of using only The Ordinary products, I noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture and appearance. The bumpiness and red spots cleared up into smoother, softer skin. 

The routine was fairly easy to follow: the Squalene cleanser, Niacinamide serum and Azelaic Acid in the morning and the Squalene cleanser, Glycolic Acid toner and vitamin C suspension at night. By using three products in the morning and three at night, the products complemented each other rather than masking each others’ results. 

The Niacinamide was especially helpful in brightening my skin and reduced the amount of blemishes from stress. Its application was easy because of  the dropper bottle that it was packaged in, which made controlling the amount of product that came out easier. The toner, which I used at night, seeped into my skin and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated by the morning. Its packaging included a screw on cap to pour the solution onto cotton balls. 

While the vitamin C suspension made my skin tingle at first, I grew used to the sensation. At the end of the two week period, I noticed that the appearance of acne scars was slightly reduced. 

The simple and straightforward packaging matched the products themselves, which were unscented and made without any unnecessary ingredients. The Ordinary truly sticks to its motto, “Clinical formulations with integrity,” in all aspects of its company.

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Scene editor


Upon receiving the skincare, I was immediately impressed by the simple and functional packaging. Each product came in a simple paper box with directions and ingredients printed on the outside. This information was repeated inside as well, making the product convenient, as the packaging boxes can be disposed without losing the official directions. As for the products themselves, everything except the Niacinamide came in a grey squeezable tube. The Niacinamide came in a little dropper bottle, which I personally really liked because of its aesthetics.

None of the products have any fragrance, which may be helpful for those with allergies or sensitivity to smell. The products are also clearly labeled with their active ingredients which helped me differentiate between them, as the packaging was identical.

I disliked the squalene cleanser immediately because it felt tacky against my skin and did a poor job of removing sebum, which is essentially facial oil. Despite my initial excitement to try the Vitamin C Suspension, I was disappointed in its performance. However, the suspension was extremely oily and caused my skin to become red and irritated. I discontinued use after discovering this. 

The standout product was definitely the Niacinamide. It created a healthy, fresh glow on my face and absorbed easily. It also seemed more water based than the other products, which I really enjoyed. I was pleased to discover that this product left no residue and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, effective skincare product.

By Nicole Chiang, Copy editor-in-chief and manager
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez, Photo editor-in-chief

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