Down-to-earth vibes at Glossier LA

The foyer of the Glossier LA store on Melrose Place was simple and elegant; the blush colored storefront and pastel pink “Glossier” sign contrasted with the vibrant green hedges that towered next to the store’s entrance. 

I was engulfed in the scent of rose candles and Glossier You, the store’s signature perfume, as soon as I stepped through the doorway. A variety of Balm Dotcoms, a lip balm that doubles as a universal skin salve, was displayed under glass domes on a counter at the entrance of the store. Mirrors with the phrase ‘You look good’ printed in the center lined the walls. In front of the mirrors, wispy grass grew and added a naturalesque feel to the vibe.

Upon entering the store, I was immediately greeted by a pink-jumpsuit-clad worker. The worker was extremely bubbly and helpful, and assisted me in finding, testing and eventually purchasing several items. 

The first item I purchased was the Berry Balm Dotcom. Its packaging was beautiful: a rectangular purple box with the image of a berry compote on one side, ingredients on the back, a description of the product on the front and “Glossier” printed in white on the remaining side. The lip balm itself was a vivid purple when squeezed out of the tube but appeared a more muted magenta when applied to my lips. Its refreshing blackberry scent  was very pleasant and lasted for quite a while following the initial application. The lip balm’s smooth texture and hydrating ingredients prevented my lips from chapping for the entire day.

The next item I purchased was the Cloud Paint duo. Cloud Paint is Glossier’s cream blush that comes in six shades; the shades were inspired by New York City sunsets. Dusk, a sunny oral, and haze, a deep burgundy, were the two shades I purchased in my blush set. By purchasing two Cloud Paint shades I saved $6 for a total cost of $30. The gel formula of the product allowed for a seamless application, and the color did not fade, staying quite pigmented on top of my foundation. Both shades performed beautifully by staying on the entire day, despite the 90 degree weather. 

Lastly, I purchased Haloscope in the shade topaz. Haloscope is a solid highlighter in a stick applicator. It was very shimmery, but not quite as pigmented as a pressed-powder highlighter. I found that after applying the stick directly to my face, some of my foundation rubbed off and onto the highlighter itself. The highlighter was $22 which is around the same amount I have paid for some of my other highlighters, but its difficult application made me believe it is not worth its price. 

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my trip to Glossier LA and would return in the future. All of the items found in store are also available on Glossier’s website for purchase, but the experience of visiting the physical store is hard to beat. My visit was short and sweet, as an employee rang me up using an iPad only 20 minutes after I arrived in the store. I recommend taking a trip down to Glossier LA for the stellar customer service and unique ambiance that make up for the somewhat expensive items. 

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Scene editor
Photo by Bhalpriya Sandhu 

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