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The pieces are mostly grouped together by artist and are separated by simple white walls. Every exhibit features a full description about the artist’s background and signature art style. In addition, each art piece is supplemented with a nameplate and a brief but thorough explanation of the artist’s implied meaning. The Broad praises the universality of art and its role in helping people develop a better understanding of both history and the present.

Monumental paintings such as “Cairo” by Julie Mehretu are notable for their brilliant displays of artistic presence. “Cairo,” an architectural mock-up of the Egyptian city, is covered with dark strokes representative of dramatic changes in its topographical landscape. The contrast of orderly buildings and chaotic, sandstorm-like illustrations represents the intertwining geographical and political landscapes of the city. The work in itself depicts the culmination of years of human development.

Another popular piece is Robert Therrien’s “Under the Table,” an installation of an 18-feet-tall table set constructed using wood, metal and enamel. Like many of Therrien’s other works, “Under the Table” is influenced by his personal experiences, and standing under it brings back a sense of child-like frivolity. The piece takes viewers into the realm of interactive sculptures and back to their own childhood memories as toddlers “under the table.”

Featuring a huge collection notably from Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, The Broad makes use of every inch of its 120,000 square feet. This museum is currently at the center of the Los Angeles mainstream art scene and is definitely worth a visit. Its inspirational works speak volumes about the human condition set in the context of present day social issues and events. The Broad emphasizes the relatable aspect of contemporary art, provides free educational resources for budding art enthusiasts and entices viewers to think deeply about forms of art in their own lives.

By Angela Zhang, Staff writer

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