Racing to the finish line from anywhere, with mobile Mario Kart

Nintendo released a new free and accessible version of Mario Kart Wednesday, Sept. 25, bringing nostalgia to those who played it throughout their childhood. Mario Kart Tour brings the same excitement and competition as its Wii counterpart, but now it can be played from anywhere. 

At the start of the game, players race their pre-chosen character, kart and glider to the finish line. Players are ranked by their cup, stars and total points. There are a total of 28 cups in the game, and each cup consists of three races and one special event. The player wins the cup by placing first, collecting as many coins as possible. Damaging the karts of other racers during the event with special items collected throughout the course, a player can increase the number of points they are awarded. Earning points in games awards you stars which you can use to unlock further race tracks. Players can switch out racers, karts or gliders but in order for them to be as effective, players must use them more to gain experience so that they can pool more points into the overall amount.

Unlike Mario Kart on the Wii, Mario Kart Tour does not require a person to physically be in front of a television or near a Wii device. Playing Mario Kart Tour allows players to play on any mobile device, from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Mario Kart Tour also has more characters than the Wii version, including Rosalind, King Boo and Morton. 

The game is extremely quick-paced, as each race consists of two laps around the track and can be completed in approximately two minutes. Special events range from avoiding obstacles to knocking down as many items as possible. The game can become repetitive, as I use certain characters more than the others and race to get first place over and over again.

The quick-paced races are great for passing time but can also be very frustrating. The algorithm that sets players up in a race does not set a limit on points or stars, so I could be racing against someone who has played the race multiple times while it could be my first time trying. This allows the opponent to dominate easily. The game offers players the opportunity to make in-app purchases of higher level characters and rare cards, which can help them push for the top of local or international leaderboards.

Nintendo added a warp pipe which is mostly commonly known as a green pipe which shoot out a new character, glider or kart in the mobile Mario Kart instead of having to unlock all of it on the Wii version. With the addition of these new items, this allows players to try out new characters of items. Rubies are the in game currency that can be bought with real currency or earned by completing challenges of reaching a specific cup. The item that can be received is random and can be a kart, racer or glider. Using five rubies, players can purchase a shot out of the green pipe to claim a new item.

Overall, the game Mario Kart is an exciting, action-packed game for all age levels. The game may sometimes be repetitive and unfair, but I enjoy the thrill of racing with people from all over the world.

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
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