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Grades For Parents and Students is a simple and easy-to-use app that organizes a student’s grades and allows both parents and students to keep track of a student’s classes. It is free to download and is available on iOS and Android.

To initiate this app, the user must log in with an Aeries account corresponding to his or her school district. The user only has to log in once for the information to be saved, which takes away the hassle of having to enter an email and password each time the user opens the app. Though it may seem insignificant, it saves time when students want to take a quick look at their grades.

Students’ grades for each class are arranged in rows of different colors. When a teacher upgrades the student’s grades, the user will be notified by a dot next to the class name. Tapping on one of the classes will show all the assignments the user has completed in that class. The user can enter a “Mock Assignment” by tapping a calculator icon at the top left. This useful feature calculates the user’s future grade after the user inputs a mock grade, letting students know how a grade on an assignment or test affects their overall grade of that class.



The user can create mock assignments that are weighed according to class.

Students can also drop an assignment to see what their grade would have been if the assignment never existed, which is less practical because the grade has already been entered and will most likely not change. However, this feature could prove to be useful, as some teachers allow students to drop their lowest test grade at the end of each semester.

One problem I have with Grades is that there are always distracting advertisements at the bottom of my screen when I use the app, and almost every time I use it, pop-ups appear advertising a game or product. This has been bothering me ever since I downloaded the app, but I found that advertisements can be removed by upgrading to Parent Edition, which costs $2.99. While it is not worth the money to remove advertisements, the upgrade also includes additional accounts. However, having another account is ineffective unless the user is a parent of more than one child.

Organized and straightforward, the Grades app is a fast way for students and parents to check grades. It is more convenient than the Aeries Student Information System website and saves the user the trouble of having to login each time. Grades also has its helpful “Mock Assignment” feature, which is only available on the app. Students who frequently check their grades and want an easy and effective way of doing so should download Grades.

Written by Ethan Cheng 

Photos courtesy of play.google.com

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