Travis Scott rhymes at astronomical levels

Picture yourself standing atop a stage bustling with hundreds of other concert goers, covered neon lights. Suddenly, a massive planet constructed of strobe lights and speakers emerges from the dark purplish-blue night sky, shooting out a purple essence which manifests itself into a planet-sized Travis Scott. This marked the start of one of Epic Games’ largest concerts held in online history. 

From Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, April 25, Fortnite players were able to experience the “other-worldly” physical adaptation of Scott’s musical arsenal while listening to some of his most famous hits. Fans were able to attend for free by logging in to Fortnite at one of the concert times listed on the Epic Games website. Those in attendance to the “Astronomical” concert received a free Astroworld Cyclone glider and two new Travis Scott loading screens in Fortnite. 

In the beginning of the concert, players witnessed the virtual Scott teleport around the map, while “Sicko Mode,” featuring Drake played. As an avid Fortnite player myself, I was initially unsure of how Epic Games was able to integrate a concert into such a large map. Once I saw Travis Scott appear and heard the music blasting in my headset, I was shocked. 

As the song began to transition to “Stargazing,” Scott abruptly teleported to the stage, and the skybox burst into flames. The entire map turned an orange and dark red hue, seemingly engulfed in flames. The following song, “Goosebumps,” immediately extinguished all the flames, turned the map pitch-black and enveloped both the players and Scott with strobe lights. 

At the start of “Highest in the Room,” Scott visibly falls into the pitch-black nothingness, impacting a wall of ice and submerging into a pool of water. The song then reverts back to “Sicko Mode,” during which players are brought back to the map’s surface and dragged into space. 

While the players float in space, Scott’s new song, “The Scotts,” featuring Kid Cudi, plays as Scott turns into an astronaut and sits on another planet. The planet decorated with strobe lights and speakers, the one which Scott originated from, implodes, sending all players into hyperspeed and concluding the concert. 

To my disappointment, this phenomena only lasted eight minutes, leaving me hungering for more immersive Fortnite content. Despite the brevity of the event, I felt captivated for every second I spent on the Scott-themed map. The quickly-altering ambiance, with Scott’s fiery music playing the background, made the concert extremely enjoyable.

By Jacob Khuu, Recreation editor and manager

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