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Troye Sivan explores a darker sound in “Bloom”


YouTuber turned singer-songwriter Troye Sivan wows fans with his second pop studio album, “Bloom,” released Friday, Aug. 31. Consisting of 10 tracks, Sivan’s album embraces the effects of love and finding happiness.

Sivan introduces listeners to his album through “Seventeen.” With a simple, peaceful melody playing in the background, Sivan’s voice dominates most of the song as he discusses his youth and his coming of age. The consistent, cleverly placed drumbeat throughout the chorus complements Sivan’s vocals as he shifts from the harmonic music in the background to a more complex sound. Sivan includes a variety of instruments and shifts back to the same melody as he reaches the second verse.

The second track of the album, “My My My!” is a light, lively song, with a smooth harmony that complements Sivan’s delicate vocals. With a tune placed at the first 10 seconds of the song, Sivan expresses the liberating effect that love has. While the melody and the instrumentals are softer at the beginning, the strong beat in the background thumps throughout the entire song, and emphasizes the lighthearted feel of the album.

Contrary to the catchy feel of “My My My!,” “The Good Side” is a soft, slow song. Sivan introduces a soothing tune that includes a guitar strumming throughout the background. “The Good Side” has a bohemian style and shifts from a basic melody to a higher beat but is anticlimactic when the song returns to its basic melody. Throughout the entire song, the instrumentals are soft, and he chooses not to vary his vocal range, making it seem very monotone and basic.

After the vivacious “Dance To This” featuring Ariana Grande, Sivan continues the fun energy by including the fast-paced, energetic “Plum.” Throughout this piece, Sivan vocalizes the sadness that comes with the end of something beautiful, such as the end of a relationship. With the festive instrumentals playing throughout the song, Sivan’s choice of background music ironically contradicts the story he is telling. The tune keeps up with and embodies the essence of the fun vibe of the album. Despite the ironic choice of instruments, Sivan selects times throughout the song to pause, allowing the tune to illustrate the story and display a positive alternative to the end of a relationship.

From delicate, simplistic melodies to fun rhythms, Sivan explores various styles of music. Sivan offers an uplifting experience with empowering vocals, meaningful lyrics and enjoyable tunes.

By Flora Lei, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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