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Victoria Monet’s new album “Jaguar” is uplifting and inspirational

Two years after the release of “Life After Love,” R&B singer-songwriter Victoria Monet debuted the album, “Jaguar,” with an inspirational message meant to empower and uplift women. Monet pieces together soulful pieces of R&B with catchy lyrics that fit the overall funky and psychedelic vibe with her album. 

Monet starts her album out with a catchy beat in “Moment,” expressing the idea that her audience no longer has to wait for what they want. The steady drum beat and her strong vocals in the first verse lead up to a chorus with an empowering tone that is complemented by her strong vocals. Monet’s lyrics remind listeners of everything that they have to offer, reminding them to accept what they have in the moment. 

Monet continues her uplifting message with “Jaguar.” This track symbolizes the way Monet feels about her current position in the music industry, like she’s a jaguar that stays “more in the background,” she told the Cut in an interview. She mentions how she feels nonthreatening, much like a jaguar in the wilderness. The song starts off with a soft, jazzy melody that then transitions into consistent drum beats and instrumentals accompanied by her strong vocals and her determined tone. Through “Jaguar,” Monet compares the way she feels now, as a jaguar, compared to how she wants to feel in the music industry, and she reminds her listeners of how much power they have to control what happens with their lives. 

“Jaguar” leads into the next track on the album, “Experience,” featuring Khalid and SG Lewis. With its unique beat and overlapping vocals, “Experience” transports the listener to an alternate universe. Keeping up with the whimsical vibe to the rest of the album, Monet’s vocals and the steady drum beat in the background immerses listeners into Monet’s world, delivering listeners an experience that inspires them and makes them wonder how they can make their lives better. Khalid’s voice, which comes in at the second verse, complements Monet’s story, adding depth to the lyrics and causing the viewer to see the two different perspectives that are being told. By portraying the lyrics as a speaker speaking to an objective third party, “Experience,” featuring Khalid and SG Lewis, adds depth to the album, causing listeners to be able to resonate with the idea that through experiences, people are able to change and grow. 

Monet’s new album, “Jaguar,” is uplifting and empowering. Compared to “Life After Love,” “Jaguar” is an opportunity for Monet’s chance to show her maturity and vulnerability, which she does effortlessly, all while maintaining an air of confidence that she is sure to pass on to her audience.

By Flora Lei, Print editor-in-chief
Photo courtesy of Pitchfork

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