Zoom vs. Google Meet go face to face

Wake up, brush your teeth and log onto Zoom or Google Meet. It’s the daily routine most students follow. As we approach the seventh week of school, both sites have aspects that make them easier or harder to use. 

The simplicity of Zoom is what makes it my preferred way of learning online. You simply click the link and it immediately takes you to your teacher’s waiting room where you have the ability to access two different methods of viewing the class. Gallery view allows you to see all members of the Zoom call on screen in the same size boxes while speaker view enlarges the speaker’s frame and makes it the center of your screen. I prefer to use the gallery view, as it makes online school feel most similar to in-class school. You can see everyone’s faces at the same time and that creates a sense of familiarity with classmates. Zoom also offers users the option to use virtual backgrounds. Personally, I don’t use virtual backgrounds, but for those who don’t want their class to see their surroundings, the virtual backgrounds are useful. Zoom also offers users the option of having their faces “touched up” which is helpful for early morning classes when I roll out of bed and open my computer.

Google Meet is used for four of my six classes. Accessing Google Meet is easy because the link is posted at the top of the Google Classroom for each respective class. Since Google Meet and Google Classroom are linked, it’s easier to access assignments that teachers have posted. However, to get a grid screen view of your class for Google Meet, you have to download a grid view add-on rather than having it already accessible like in Zoom. Unlike Zoom, Google Meet doesn’t allow users to access virtual backgrounds.

Overall, I feel more comfortable using Zoom for my classes than Google Meet. With Zoom, since the screen opens in a separate tab automatically, I don’t have to worry about choosing between viewing my classwork or my teacher. While Google Meet and Zoom both offer the same microphone and video features, I still find myself preferring Zoom.  

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Online editor-in-chief
Photo courtesy of Business Insider

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