Badminton remains undefeated in league

Varsity badminton defeated Glen A. Wilson High School 11-10 in an away league game Thursday, March 21. They are currently undefeated in the league with a league record of 4-0.

In girls singles, senior Iris Yang lost to her opponent 5-21 and 2-21, and freshman Glory Young lost to her opponent 3-21 and 1-21. Their opponents won with consistent drop shots, strong clears and drives.

¨I’m able to play both singles and doubles; it really just depends on what my coach wants me to play,” Young said. ¨I like playing singles better because I feel like I play better on my own [as opposed to] having to work together with different person.”  

Doubles players sophomores Alicia Chong and Jenna Wu lost to their opponents 11-21 and 19-21. Furthermore, doubles players junior Isabella Sun and senior Flora Jin defeated their opponents 21-16 and 21-19 with multiple smashes, drives and drops.

“[I like playing doubles] because I always have a partner who can help and critique me during the intervals between each match. My girls doubles partner is my best friend, so things are always a lot easier for us since we both know how the other plays,” Chong said. “We always bond whenever we have the chance to play together.”

In boys singles, sophomore Tommy Tan defeated his opponent 21-15 and 23-21 with clears and lifts, and freshman Ethan Chang defeated his opponent 21-8 with sharp smashes and strong forehand drives.

“[My performance] was good, but I feel like I could have done better in terms of speed and returning [my opponent’s] smashes,” Tan said. “Throughout the game, I was consistently thinking of and planning what shots I should make next so that I could win.”

In boys doubles, sophomores Gary Zhang and Matthew Go defeated their opponents 21-6 and 21-9 with forehand and backhand lifts, smashes, and drops.

“I was nervous before the game because I knew that the team had to win in order to be able to advance to [California Interscholastic Federation] playoffs,” Go said. “It’s good that the drills we do during practice helped us build stamina and speed for all the games we play.”

In mixed doubles, junior Ethan Xu and Sun lost to their opponents 15-21 and 20-22, and Chang and Jin lost to their opponents 15-21 and 19-21. However, Zhang and Chong defeated their opponents 21-11 and 21-15 with  smashes, drives, lifts and drops.

“I usually get a little nervous [before games] because I don’t know how these different schools play [since] this is our team’s first year,” Chong said. “But as the games progress, I slowly get the hang of it, and everything is much easier so I can relax a little bit. Games are always a lot of fun.”

To prepare for its games and tournaments, the team trains for two hours every Monday and Wednesday. During practice, they mainly play doubles and singles scrimmage games to gain experience and measure players’ strengths and weaknesses. The team also works on conditioning drills, such as running and footwork, to build speed and stamina.

By Angela Naseri, Sports editor
Photo by Isaac Le