Boys’ basketball CIF Recap

Beating both Paloma Valley High School and No. 9 seed Mayfair, boys’ basketball advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2011 to compete against the No. 1 seeded team in the CIF Southern Section Division 1A, Loyola High School.

Seeded No. 8, boys’ basketball faced its most difficult opponent yet on Friday, Feb. 27. The game was a series of ups and downs for Walnut. It started off the first quarter well, ending at a near even 18-20 with Loyola only up two points. However, the Mustangs fell behind both defensively and offensively as it trailed behind at the end of second quarter 29-46. An offensive push in the third and fourth quarter allowed Walnut to put the game back within 10 points, but Loyola pulled ahead and the game ended with Walnut out of the CIF contention, 78-93.

“It was a big game. We had been counted out since even before season started, teams and people were looking down on us so to work our way to the 3rd round of cif and to possibly beat the number one team in our division was a big thing for us and proved a lot of people wrong. Considering that it could possibly be our last game as a team all of us, especially us seniors,  we took it very seriously. None of us wanted to leave our family we built together and we were gonna do everything possible to stay together,” shooting guard senior Jack Charles said.

By Brian Wu, Sports editor


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