Boys basketball defeated by Los Altos

Varsity boys basketball fell to Los Altos 46-72 at its first home league game on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

Shooting guard senior Agassi Goantara led the offense, finishing with 12 points, while forward senior Dane Johannsen led the defense by making one block and six points.

“When I get the ball, my first thought was to get the ball to the basket, but if I got double teamed, I try to take it out and let my teammates shoot,” Goantara said.

Los Altos started the game by winning the tip-off and immediately scoring a three-pointer. The Conquerors maintained their lead throughout the first quarter, outscoring the Mustangs by nine points. In the second quarter, Los Altos scored six points by taking advantage of Walnut’s turnovers and fouls, ending the half 23-38.

“I felt like we didn’t play up to our potential, and we didn’t play hard enough. We just played lazy,” point guard junior Noah Leal said. “I think we could improve on learning how to read the defense and [adjusting] to their game plan.”

In the third quarter, Los Altos went on two seven-point runs to extend its lead to 28 points. However, Walnut tightened its defense, limiting Los Altos to 10 points. By making three offensive rebounds and driving into the paint, the Mustangs scored 12 points to conclude the fourth quarter. The game ended 46-72, bringing the team’s overall record 13-4.

“One of our biggest problems is confidence [and] being excited to play. Against Los Altos, we were very timid, and we let the nerves get to us,” center senior Matthew Basbas said. “We already have all the tools we need to win, and we have experience from the past. We have to have that mentality and belief that we are the better team to win.”

By Sarah Aie, Sports editor
Photo by Christopher Chan