Boys’ Basketball defeats Milken 63-51

Varsity boys’ basketball defeated Milken 63-51 Tuesday, Dec. 12 at the Fairmont Prep Varsity Basketball Tournament.

Small forward senior Dwight Ramos scored 26 points and six steals while guard sophomore Agassi Goantara finished with 10 points and five rebounds.

In the first quarter, Milken’s off-ball defense allowed Dwight and shooting guard Jordan Montenegro to score the Mustangs first eight points. Point guard freshman Eli Ramos led the Mustangs on second chance opportunities in the first with two offensive rebounds, but Milken were only up 16-12.

“I was feeling great. It was game time, and I was feeling hyped. I just wanted to play my best, so every time coach put me on the field I was giving it my all out. I was playing defensive — it’s all about defense — you have to take defensive rebounds and not let [Milken] get past,” Goantara said.

The Mustangs physical defense limited the Wildcats to seven points by stealing the ball and pressing full-court against them during the second quarter. However, the Mustangs were unable to translate the defensive stops into offense as they were only up 24-19 at the half.

Milken started off the third quarter with an early three, but were unable to keep up with the Mustangs offense as they went on a 16-7 run at the 3:01 mark. After continuous defense stops and quick fastbreak scores, the Mustangs were able to pull away with a double digit lead against the Wildcats and go up 52-33 at the end of the third.

“We didn’t play to our potential [in the first half], but we had a good third quarter. We had some offensive lapses and some defensive problems that we needed to fix. Coach gave us a pep talk, and [our team] kept saying ‘we got this’ which got us really hyped. We wanted to show coach what we could do, and we wanted to show what we can bring to the team,” guard sophomore Dane Johanssen said.

Starting off in the fourth quarter, Milken scored, bringing them up by two, but Dwight returned with six consecutive points after stealing the ball and rebounding. Shooting guard junior Tom Zou followed up with a three pointer, bringing the score up 61-39. With three minutes left in the quarter, Walnut had five turnovers allowing Milken to gain seven points. Dwight scored the Mustangs’ final point, ending the game 63-51.

“We ended up giving five turnovers in the final quarter because we weren’t patient enough. We were too rushed. We should know that we were leading, and we just needed to waste some time because there were three minutes left,” Goantara said.

By Albert Law, Sports editor

Photo by Sajid Iqbal

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