Varsity boys’ basketball loses to El Rancho

Varsity boys’ basketball lost to El Rancho 51-54 during a tournament game at Covina High School Saturday, Dec. 3.

“I really thought that we could have won,” point guard sophomore Eli Ramos said. “I guess I was pretty confident before the game started, and obviously, it’s disappointing to lose. There were a lot of chances for me to score with my layups, but it just didn’t happen. I put up multiple rebounds and assists, but I still feel that I could have done more.”

Ramos finished with 17 points, approximately one-third of the total score. Shooting guard junior Agassi Goantara followed with 12 points and forward junior Dane Johannsen with eight.

“Mostly, I was really trying to help our team win,” point and shooting guard freshman Caleb Santos said. “I had many rebounds and assists, but it wasn’t enough. I think that I could have improved on my defense because I let an open three [pointer] go by. It shouldn’t have happened, and I know that we have to work even harder from now.”

Throughout the first quarter, both teams kept an evenly matched score but gradually the Mustangs started trailing behind and ended with 16-19. Later on, Goantara closed the gap by making both free throws as well as multiple layups in the second quarter.

“As a team, we moved the ball pretty well and I think that we had pretty good teamwork overall,”  shooting guard senior Andrew Lee said. “But we let them have open shots and they out-hustled us, which I think is why they were able to win. I also think that I wasn’t at my best today and my shots were kind of off.”

During the second half, Santos scored off a rebound with only four seconds left in the third period, which gave the Mustangs a slim lead of 39-37. Additionally, during the fourth period, Ramos and point guard senior Ryan Dai scored free throws to keep their advantage after seven team fouls from their opponents. However, El Rancho took the lead by making three consecutive layups and four free throw shots, ending the game 51-54.

“I feel like I was very focused and I really wanted to help my team win this game,” Santos said. “I’m really happy about the fact that I had eight points and created shots for my teammates, but there were still holes in my defense. It’s a disappointing result, but we’ll get better, and we’ll be better in the future.”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer

Photo by Richard Zhang

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