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Boys’ basketball begins offseason with new workouts

With the walkout of former basketball head coach, Josh Cameron, SRC teacher Joe Khouzam has implemented new workout regimes.

“[Coach Khouzam’s] workouts are completely different than that of Cameron’s,” junior varsity sophomore Aaron Porto said. “In Coach Cameron’s we did exercises combined as a team, so we didn’t really get much out of it. Coach Khouzam separates us into groups, so we can get more work in with the people that are in our groups.”

This year, the players are training in the weight room on top of their conditioning, and they find Khouzam’s workout to be more challenging and different.

The new workout routines consist of numerous lower body and upper body muscle exercises, along with the regular conditioning on the track. With the workouts put in place, the players and the coaching staff hope to help build strength and a strong mindset into the players when they get back onto the court during season.

“I think Coach Khouzam’s workouts are more intense [than that of Coach Cameron’s],” varsity junior Alan Wong said. “We keep doing constant workouts related to basketball, and he pushes us really hard so we can all become [stronger] and faster.”

The new workouts have changed most of the players’ initial approach to working out, and the results have showed on the basketball court.

“With Coach Khouzam’s workouts, I try to push myself and the people in my group as hard as I can to get better because there are no shortcuts to success,” Wong said.

By Joshua Shen, Sports editor

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