Boys’ Golf takes home another win

Varsity boys’ golf remains undefeated after beating Los Altos 163-213 on Tuesday, April 14 at home.

The team was led by junior Rami Abdou who scored an even par of 36, followed by junior Bond Phommachanh who resulted 40, freshman Adrian Edralin totaled at 43 and sophomore Brian Wang finished with 44. The Mustangs won by 50 strokes.

“Unlike any of the other matches we had, the one with Los Altos was fun because it didn’t have a serious atmosphere. The players were really easygoing and none of us felt pressured when we were playing,” Edralin said.

Throughout the first three holes, Edralin hit six strokes over and Abdou was two strokes over. Hitting three birdies and a bogey, Abdou brought his score down to 36 and secured it with two pars. Edralin prevented more strokes by hitting five pars and two bogeys ending with 43.

“Though I won my match, I still need to work on my consistency because sometimes I would score really bad on a hole and sometimes I would do really well,” Edralin said. “The best thing to do when you play is to score the same score over and over and maintain the stability.”

During Phommachanh and Wang’s match, Phommachanh shot two double bogeys and two bogeys bringing his game down eight strokes, but he brought it back when he shot three pars and two birdies. Wang shot three bogeys followed by three pars. Following with a double bogey and one triple bogey, Wang finished with 44.

“In game, working on my mentality game is really important to me. I have to keep my cool and try not to get disappointed because of one hole. I have to focus on the rest of the holes and try to bring my score back,” Phommachanh said.

Boy’s golf will play Diamond Ranch on Tuesday, April 21 to secure its championship in league.

“As a team we’ve come out strong and showed our league that our destiny is in our own hands, and so far we’ve taken care of what we had to do with our undefeated record. For myself, I feel that I’m playing well and I can probably place high in ranks if I don’t win,” Abdou said.

By Albert Law, Staff writer

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