Boys’ Soccer Defeats Mark Keppel

Varsity boys’ soccer defeated Mark Keppel 10-0 in its first season game Monday, Nov. 23 at home.

Center midfielder senior Daniel Dobson scored the first goal after a foul against Mark Keppel, then gave assists to midfielder junior Danny Sato and forward sophomore Andrew Avila. Avila scored two goals during the first half and assisted center midfielder Jacob Gallegos. Forward junior Bobby Tafoya, outside midfielder senior Diyego Chavez and Gallegos each scored a goal.

“I thought our team did well for its first game, but we still have a lot to improve on. [We should improve on] communication, ball control and passing to the teammates. It was our first game so we need to work out the kinks to work together. I was happy when I scored a goal since I pulled a hat trick, and that isn’t easy,” Dobson said.

Dobson then scored two more continuous goals, bringing Walnut up by six at the end of the first half. Gallegos scored a goal in the last few minutes of the second half bringing the score to 9-0. Gallegos then assisted midfielder junior Danny Sato with the last point of the game.

“I felt pretty good, and I was happy I was able to score those goals. Overall we did really well as a team. We moved the ball a lot, and we were able to maintain possession of the ball. We are definitely more confident knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other when we are on the field. I was happy we won of course, but I was really pleased with how well we worked as a team considering this was our first game,” Avila said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Megan Wu