Varsity boys’ soccer defeats Monrovia and Hawthorne

Boys’ varsity soccer defeated Monrovia and Hawthorne High School during an away preseason tournament at Monrovia Monday, Dec. 12.

Forward junior Angelo De Guzman led the team by scoring the winning goal against Monrovia early on in the second half of the game. After both sides were unable to gain additional points, the Mustangs secured the victory, winning 1-0. Walnut then went on to play Hawthorne and secured a lead with two goals in the first half. In the second half, it further increased their advantage with another score by junior midfielder Jacob Gallegos and finished 3-0.

“Everyone in the tournament did really well,” midfielder junior Kelvin Quach said. “We lost our first three preseason games, so after that we’ve been just practicing and working hard to try and regroup our team. It really paid off, I think, in these games, and I’m really proud of how well we performed. ”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Richard Zhang

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