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Varsity boys’ soccer defeats West Covina

Varsity boys’ soccer defeated West Covina 3-1 Wednesday, Jan. 18 at home.

West Covina was unable to score in the first half after stealing the ball from Walnut early in the game. After numerous steals and charges, neither side was able to gain a lead, ending the first half, 0-0.

“In the first half, there was a little miscommunication in the team. Coach gave us a little pep talk, we focused more and we started communicating more throughout the game. That ultimately helped us get the win,” defense junior James Barragan said.  

In the beginning of the second half, West Covina broke through the Mustangs’ defense and score the first goal of the game. The Mustangs scored their first point when defender junior Brandon Wong scored a free kick, followed by another goal from forward junior Alessandro Nova. After another foul, Wong scored another free kick, furthering the Mustangs’ lead and concluding the game, 3-1.

“Lack of communication and failure to be smart on the field played a large role in the mistakes [we made]. We’re going to be looking into working on communicating more and finding a way to be mentally stronger,” right back freshman Malachi Hernandez said.

Varsity boys’ soccer will play another home game against Diamond Ranch Friday, Jan. 20.

By Isaac Le, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen