Boys soccer loses to Chino

Varsity boys soccer lost 1-2 against Chino in its last league game on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Starting the first half of the match, Walnut was pressured by Chino’s offense, but then gained possession and made a shot attempt. For the next 15 minutes, ball possession continuously shifted back and forth until Chino’s forward scored a goal from a penalty kick. Walnut immediately responded, with center forward senior Alessandro Nova scoring a header from the left side of the field. Chino scored directly in front of the goal, ending the first half.

“We were playing well the entire first half and with them scoring the first goal, we became eager to get back into the game,” Nova said.  “What made the goal important was that all of our friends were able to see the goal with it being senior night.”

In the second half, the ball remained on Walnut’s end of the field, however, Walnut was able to limit Chino’s offense to the middle third. Left back senior Brandon Wong was able to steal the ball from an attacker and pass it to Nova, who made another shot attempt. Although the shot was unsuccessful, it allowed Walnut to penetrate Chino’s defense multiple times before the conclusion of the match.  

“I thought we played really well, except we just made a few mistakes. I would mainly work on communication and executing our plays because the other team was able to score its goals through communication across the field,” Wong said.  I thought we could’ve come back and that we played our hearts out, but unfortunately, it didn’t come through.”

By Jacob Khuu, Staff writer
Photo by Erin Tan