Boys’ Soccer stalemates Charter Oak

Center-midfielder senior Jonathan Nakamine chipped in a game tying goal during overtime, resulting in a 2-2 tie against Charter Oak on Feb. 5.

In the first half of the game, the Mustangs were able to attempt seven shots at the goal and score one goal from Nakamine. The team was able to contain Charter Oaks to three attempts at the goal. Goalie junior Ali Naeem blocked all three, solidifying the Mustangs first half lead of 1-0.

“I was just happy that we were on top in the first half. Joey Love gave me a good cross so I just wanted to finish the first half with a lead. I just wanted to do my best for the team because for this game we practiced possession and changed our line up in a way so that we could control the middle,” Nakamine said.

During the first 10 minutes in the second half, both teams attempted two goals each, both blocked by the other team’s goalies. As the end second half came to an end — even though the Mustangs had 18 defensive stops in the second half — the Chargers managed to tie the score 1-1 by getting the ball into the goal box and eventually pushing it past the Mustang’s goalie.

“We practiced hard for this game. We worked on our touches and threw balls for our shots to approach the game. During the game, we probably could have created more chances for ourselves and take more shots,” midfielder senior Justin Ochoa said.

The Mustang’s defense began to fall apart as the first additional minutes were added to the original 90. Once the Chargers tied up the score, the Mustangs continued to aggressively attempt to drive the ball down the field, allowing the Chargers to steal the ball 8 times and score once.

“I was thinking we needed to pick it up and I wanted to try to encourage my teammates to show them that the game wasn’t over yet. In the beginning our team was pretty down but during the game we realized that we had enough time to get back into the game. We played with more momentum during overtime,” Nakamine said.

The team soon realized its mistake and began to play hard defense by communicating and preventing the Chargers from making any attempts to score. Nakamine was able to steal the ball and tie up the game.

In the second added minutes, both teams couldn’t pull ahead and score, ending the game with the score of 2-2.

“We played very very hard until the very end which is pretty phenomenal because its hard to play with full power and full force for 90 minutes and two extra 10 minute halves. We take things much more seriously down to the wire especially since we are playing for a spot in C.I.F. so we have to play much harder than we usually do,” Naeem said.

By Eric Peng, Staff Writer

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