Boys’ soccer starts undefeated in league

8-5-1. Remember that record.

I know the boy’s soccer team still remember it from last year, but we all know it doesn’t want to be notorious as the team that couldn’t bring home the Hacienda League crown.

So, how is it going to make us forget “8-5-1?”

It starts winning league games. And guess what? The boy’s soccer team did just that.

It defeated West Covina in its first league game 3-1, making its league record 1-0 on Tuesday, Jan. 13 at home.

In the first half, the Mustangs attempted three shots at the goal and only scored one from right forward senior Joey Love. Defensively, the Mustangs had 15 defensive stops, but the Bulldogs were still able to attempt two shots at the goal. Preventing the ball from going in the goal, goalie senior Josh Chavez blocked both of West Covina’s shots which let Walnut to lead the game 1-0.

“We could’ve worked on our touches, passed better and made more runs. We should’ve shot more in this game, talked more, and we weren’t playing as consistent as our last games,” outside midfielder sophomore Chris Ryan said.

The Mustangs played more effectively in the second half than the first half by dribbling the ball better and attempting more shots at the Bulldogs’ goal. With only 10 minutes left in the second half, Ryan chipped the ball over West Covina’s goalie and headed the ball in the goal giving an assist to Love and another point to Walnut.

“When Chris made this goal, I was happy and relieved. Since we were playing pretty bad, Chris’ goal gave us more confidence which led us to score the third goal against West Covina,” midfielder junior Diego De Leon said.

Following Ryan’s goal, Love earned a free kick due to West Covina’s players grabbing and pushing him inside the penalty area in front of the goal. From the penalty kick, Love scored another point for Walnut, bringing them up to three.

“When Joey earned that penalty kick towards the end of the game, I just had that sigh of relief because our score was now secure. After he made that shot, it motivated me to work harder and to inspire my teammates and myself so that we can become more confident and score more goals,” right midfielder senior Esteban Sanchez said.

The match against West Covina ended 3-1 when the Bulldogs earned a point from a penalty kick due to a pushing foul from sweeper sophomore Alex Rivas.

“West Covina getting that penalty was pretty dumb but I guess it was all right because we were still up by two and the referees were probably trying to be nice to them. When the game ended, I felt really good because even though we didn’t do too well, we still won our first league game and that’s going to keep us motivated,” center attack senior Justin Ochoa said.

By Albert Law, Staff writer

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