Chino boys tennis

Boys tennis defeats Chino

Varsity boys tennis defeated Chino 17-1 on Monday, April 3 in a league game at home.

In the first round, singles player senior Ryan Wong countered his opponent’s lobs with overheads and slices, winning 6-0. Singles players senior Dylan Truong and sophomore Brandon Wong closed their rounds 6-0 and 6-1, respectively.

“My effort definitely varies depending on the schools we play and how important the match is. My matches were pretty easy today, but I still tried to play at a high level,” Wong said. “I [had] good movement and [put] the ball in specific areas. I play every point like it’s the first point of the match, so I don’t lose my intensity and focus.”

Doubles players junior Nicky Chan and sophomore Erik Liang maintained consistent shots and pulled away to win 7-5 going into the second round. Doubles players senior Richard Ong and freshman Lucas Van Zee won 6-2 while doubles players junior Matthew Mai and senior Todd Nanayon secured their second 6-0 win, giving the Mustangs a 12-0 lead.

“When I’m on the baseline, I focus on the placement of the ball to give my partner enough time to get across the net and poach the ball easily. My partner and I [have] good communication so that definitely helped. We’re able to trust each other to make certain hits,” Mai said.

Head Coach Lee Shiomoto made substitutions in the third round to replace the starters. Doubles players sophomore Samuel Liu and junior George Pu won their set 6-3, countering with volleys and alternating shots. However, singles player junior Ryan Hu lost his match 4-6, ending the game 17-1.

“Playing doubles is mainly team-oriented, [and] you need very good communication skills because your opponents will always try to put the ball in difficult places,” Liu said. “I feel like playing with these people will help me improve my stroke and make my shots more accurate. I’m also confident in the team going into CIF, and I hope we can finish this season off strong.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez