Boys Tennis defeats Damien

Boys varsity tennis won against Damien, 12-6 in a home game Thursday, March 9. Walnut pulled ahead early but faltered mid-game before ending strong in the third round.

The Mustangs swept their doubles matches in the first round, with doubles players senior Todd Nanayon and junior Matthew Mai securing their set 6-0.

“We just tried to play our best and tried not to give any points away easily, and we got our serves in to get us the game. I wasn’t worried at all during the game because if we missed, then we just focused on the next ball,” Nanayon said. “I’ve played them before but with a different partner, and not much has changed.”

Singles players senior Ryan Wong, senior Dylan Truong and freshman Lucas Van Zee played all three rounds. Van Zee closed the match at 6-2 by returning several consecutive volleys at the net. Walnut lost one singles game in the first round, ending with a lead of 5-1.

“It was hot today, but we still did good and played our regular game to win pretty easily,” Van Zee said. “Towards the end of the game I kind of let up a little and gave him two points, but I just focused on the last point and won it. I was pretty confident during the game except in the end when I let up a bit, but I got my confidence back and finished the match.”

Walnut ended the second round 3-3 before picking the game back up in the third round at 4-2, finishing with an overall score of 12-6. Doubles players sophomores Samuel Liu and Eric Liang ended the last round with a score of 7-5.

“I was thinking, ‘Don’t miss my serves,’ but some of them did go out, and that was a shame. Every point matters, so at one point, thoughts were going through my mind. I was like, ‘I have to smash this ball!’ So I went up to it and hit it as hard as I could, and it landed on the fence,” Liu said. “We had better teamwork and better strokes, and the win today was really fun and well-deserved.”

By Jo Ann Sun, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen