Boys’ Tennis defeats Diamond Bar

Varsity boys’ tennis tied 9-9, but won by game count 80-79, in an away game against Diamond Bar Wednesday, March 16. The match was Walnut’s first game against the Brahmas in two years.

The singles players won three of nine sets, and the doubles teams won six of nine sets. Singles players juniors Dylan Truong and Ryan Wong and senior Jimmy Zheng each won one set 6-1 for Walnut.

“Diamond Bar is a pretty solid team,” Zheng said. “I was a bit nervous, but overall, I think I pulled through on the games I needed to win. [In singles,] you have to give yourself moral support since you don’t have a partner. You have to be your own coach.”

Doubles players senior Henry Tang and junior Todd Nanayon won two sets 6-1 for the Mustangs, raising the score to 66-69. After doubles players sophomore Eric Peng and senior Ethan Fong lost their set to the Brahmas, 3-6, head coach Lee Shiomoto subbed in doubles player senior Brendan Jarrett for Peng.

“There’s always this rivalry between us and Diamond Bar, and our games are always really close. I was pretty irritated [after losing the first set] because I knew we had a chance to get more games and even win. I was tired, and I knew the longer I prolonged the set, the more chances they had to win,” Fong said.

Jarrett and Fong won one set 7-5 for the Mustangs, shortening the point gap between Brahmas by one point, 73-74. After doubles players senior Aaron Yong and sophomore Matthew Mai won their last set, 7-5, Walnut was able to secure the win 80-79.

“I feel pretty good that we won. [My partner and I] just worked well together and calmed each other down. We covered each other when the ball went past us. We just depend on each other to make our shots,” Mai said.

The Mustangs will play an away game against West Covina Thursday, March 17.

By Melissa Kim, Staff writer
Photo by Brandon Win