Boys tennis defeats West Covina

Boys varsity tennis team defeated West Covina 17-1 at a home game on Tuesday, April 17.

Throughout the three rounds, singles seniors Matthew Mai and Cyrus Lee, juniors Gavin Lee and Brandon Wong and freshman Jimmy Liu won 6-0, while Cyrus lost 1-6 in the final round. In addition, West Covina was forced to forfeit three singles games because of insufficient players.

“I was a little bit nervous [during the game], but I tried to remind myself to do my stroke. I need to work on my stroke because I change how I hit,” Cyrus said. “I realized what I have to work on since I lost, so I’m going to go back and work on it.”

In the first round, Walnut’s starting doubles were seniors Nicky Chan and Zachary Howell, seniors Ryan Hu and Brian Huang and junior Eric Liang with sophomore Lucas Van Zee. Senior George Pu was substituted in during the third set. Chan, Howell, Hu, and Huang won 6-1, while the other doubles teams won 6-0.

“l had to put in a lot of energy and effort [in my game]. My strengths were my serves. I aced them and counted seven times,” Van Zee said.

Walnut limited West Covina to winning one match, which increases their league record to 2-0.

“I was more consistent and made more of my shots. [Also], my serves are improving. They were pretty good. This match was pretty much one-sided,” Mai said. “My match went fairly easily. There wasn’t much to it. I just played my game.”

By Isabel Rosas, Staff writer
Photo by Jessica Dixon