Boys Tennis falls to Los Osos in preseason matchup game

Boys Varsity doubles|Sophomore Aidan Lam plays against his opponent from Los Osos is an away game. “Everyone was pretty nervous which affected our playing,” Lam said, “but it feels really nice finally to be able to joke around with the team.”

Varsity boys tennis lost to Los Osos 2-10 at an away game Tuesday, March 16.

The Mustangs’ wins came from doubles players sophomore Jeffery Chou and Aidan Lam, scoring 6-2 in the first round. In the second round, they lost 2-6. The other doubles team, junior Ahren Van Zee and freshman Noah Salvador scored 0-6 in the first round and 6-4 in the second round. Throughout both rounds, there were no singles wins.

“As a team we were a little under-prepared but personally I feel pretty good going out and playing again. The fact that a lot of us haven’t played a competitive tennis match in a while was probably the main factor,” Lam said. “If we practice more and get into the right mindset, we will dominate in the next match. 

To prepare for the next game which is near the end of March, the players reflect on their mistakes and will compensate for them during practice.

“We can practice our consistency, volleys, serves, ground strokes. We will accomplish these goals by training harder and improving our mindset,” Chou said. 

With quarantine still ongoing, the boys were still able to have some sort of normalcy in sports. By meeting up with each other, the boys got to expand their connection with other teammates.

“Even though everyone is rusty, it’s nice that we got to see each other and mess around,” Lam said. “My favorite part about the game was getting the opportunity to see my teammates because we were able to support each other and have a few good laughs.”

With sports being allowed onto campus, many students have the opportunity to get out and exercise. Some sports like tennis are even being allowed to have a season and a few practice games with other schools. Although they lost this game, tennis players are very grateful for being able to compete after a year in quarantine.

By Mia Nam, Media and Photo editor-in-chief
Photo by Kristin Lam