Boys tennis takes down Los Altos

Varsity boys tennis defeated Los Altos High School 17-1 in a home league game Tuesday, April 9.

In the first round, doubles players freshmen Ronald Chen and Kaden Salvador won their set 6-0 with a combination of crosscourt forehands and aces, while doubles players senior Samuel Liu and freshman Ahren Van Zee won their set 6-0. On the other hand, singles player senior Senguro Lao finished his set 2-6.

“[Our preparation] helped quite a bit [so that] there was less pressure on me. It’s really hard to play with a lot of pressure,” Salvador said. “I try to not get mad when I miss a shot, and when my teammate misses I tell him it’s okay. It’s really important because if there’s pressure on you during the game, you’ll constantly be worrying about what your partner thinks.”

In the second round, singles players senior Eric Liang and junior Lucas Van Zee won their sets 6-0. Additionally, after winning their first set 6-0, doubles players seniors Gavin Lee and Charlie Ruan defeated their second round opponents 6-2 with forehands, slices and aces.

“We got 6-2 [in our second round] because we made mistakes. Sometimes you get greedy, and you try to hit a hard shot, [but] it just goes out,” Ruan said. “[We have] to be consistent and play more matches [for] experience. [However,] it’s good to always have the same partner because you know each other’s styles.”

During the third round, Walnut won all six sets 6-0. Liang, Ruan and Lee were substituted in for singles player junior Jimmy Liu, doubles player junior Lenick Tan and doubles player junior Aaron Tang, respectively.

“It helped [that] we played [Los Altos] before, [because] we knew what their weaknesses and strengths were so we avoided their strengths,” Salvador said. “[Our after-school practices] prepared us to win pretty well.”

By Ethan Park, Staff writer
Photo by Jessie Dixon