Boys Varsity Tennis defeats Bonita

Boys varsity tennis team defeated Bonita 13-5 in its fourth preseason game at home on Thursday, March 1.

Singles players senior Matthew Mai, freshman Jimmy Liu and sophomore Brandon Wong swept first round singles, scoring 6-0 in every match to help give Walnut a 5-1 lead. Doubles players seniors Ez Huang and Ryan Liu, along with sophomore Lucas Vanzee and junior Eric Liang also won both their first round matches. Doubles pair juniors Samuel Liu and Gavin Lee lost their first round match 3-6.

“It was the first round, I wasn’t properly warmed up and I hit a lot of easy shots out. I need more control and more spin on my balls,” Samuel said. “I guess it’s time for redemption in the next [round].”

In the following rounds, Samuel and Lee beat their opponents in the second and third rounds, 6-2 and 6-1, respectively. The rest of the team followed with a majority of singles and doubles players winning their matches to close out the game at 13-5.

“I think we realized that our inconsistency was the main reason we lost the first match and that if we wanted to win the next two that we had to play smarter,” Lee said.

By Vivian Lee, Coverage Lead
Photo by Jessica Dixon

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