Varsity boys’ water polo defeats Charter Oak

Varsity boys’ water polo defeated Charter Oak 15-8 at an away game on Thursday, October 27, extending their league record 4-0.

Driver sophomore Kyle Green led the Mustangs’ offense with five goals and four assists while center junior Noah Brokaw totaled four goals, two assists and three steals.

“[We should] definitely [have] more focus before the game rather than joking around and hitting each other and stuff,” driver sophomore Zach Moscoso said. “We could kind of speculate us doing really good plays, really good passes and really good finishing in the game so basically just better preparation for the game and more focus overall.”

Walnut started off the game with two goals from Brokaw three minutes into the first quarter. Green scored two more unanswered points off a pass and a steal before Charter Oak countered with a goal after a timeout, ending the quarter 4-1.

“I think we didn’t play that good, but we still played well. We were too close together and we kinda rushed, we just underestimated them and thought we had to score and pass as soon as possible,” utility senior Garrett Gautreau said.

Driver sophomore Patrick Webb scored the first goal of the second quarter off a pass from Brokaw, and utility junior Justin Swafford followed up with another goal one minute later, giving the Mustangs a lead of 6-1. Walnut continued its offensive streak in the last two minutes with a 3-2 run, ending the half with a score of 9-3.

The Mustangs’ defense limited Charter Oak to only one goal in the third quarter, while improving its offense with lob passes to the center. Green, Brokaw and Moscoso each scored a goal to bring up the lead, 12-4 at the end of the quarter.

“Coach Tyler tells the outside shooters to make sure that we’re not afraid to take outside shots if we are not pressed up because their team is giving us an opening to shoot and that goal really made me feel good about myself because I listened to the coach and followed through with what he said so it paid off. When I can successfully save a goal or prevent him from scoring, I feel very accomplished and I really feel like I contributed to the team as a whole,” Moscoso said.   

The Chargers were able to gain some ground offensively before the game ended, outscoring Walnut by one point in the fourth quarter. Gautreau scored a point at the 6:04 mark while Charter Oak answered with two goals. However, the Mustangs were able to maintain their lead and ended the game 15-8.

“We won but I feel like we should have done like a lot better and playing together as a team,” utility senior Shaunak Shah said. “A lot of times we just don’t play to our full potential so we should get our minds into the game. It will definitely be a good challenge and we have to play hard, but in the end it’s just gonna come down to who’s better conditioned and who’s better focused.”

By Julie Lee and Haixin Guo, Sports editors
Photo by Jeffrey Tran