Boys waterpolo says goodbye to seniors with a victory against Diamond Bar

Seniors Josh Perez, Jasper Huang, Brandon Fabrega, Jacob Lindy and Austin Johnson receive senior gifts at one of their last games.

Varsity boys water polo held its senior night against Diamond Bar High School, defeating the team 21-11 Wednesday, Oct 13.

Before the game began, parents presented the seniors with awards of recognition for their time in water polo. Both Walnut and Diamond Bar seniors were able to take a photo with their parents and received gifts.

“It feels like a long time coming, I’m finally a senior after all these years,” senior driver Jasper Huang said. “I’m excited for the rest of the season.” 

The first quarter began with a point by the Brahmas, but Walnut quickly followed with a point of its own. At first, Diamond Bar was able to keep up with the team matching them with the first three points, but Walnut pulled away around four minutes into the first quarter with points by utility player senior Jacob Lindy and Huang. With one minute remaining in the first quarter, the Mustangs got a foul called in their favor and scored, making it 5-2.

“Knowing that it’s the last season playing with some of the seniors is pretty sad.” set guard junior David Zhou said. “They were there throughout my waterpolo career.”

Walnut got to the ball first during the second quarter, but their first shot was blocked by the Diamond Bar goalkeeper. About a minute in, senior Brandon Fabrega intercepted a ball in the Brahmas’ possession and scored. This began a series of points that allowed Walnut to further cement their lead. After a number of blocks by goalkeeper senior Austin Johnson, Walnut ended the half leading by nine points.

“We played really well,” Johnson said. “I feel we have the best chance of winning [California Interscholastic Federation] this year with the way we are playing.”

Fabrega scored the first goal of the second half, 40 seconds into the third quarter. With five minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Walnut goalkeeper was ejected, allowing a point by the Brahmas. Huang scored after a long ball from Johnson, leading to a Diamond Bar time out. The Brahmas scored the last goal of the game, making it 21-11. After the game, Fabrega was presented with an award for leading Walnut in all time goals scored for water polo.

“We’ve definitely had some tough opponents but I feel that our adversaries have made us step up our game,” said Lindy. “We’re able to play well because we trust each other.”

Written by Marissa Alejo, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Samantha Lepp