Varsity boys’ wrestling defeats Chino in first league game

Varsity boys’ wrestling won its league opener 51-18 against Chino on Tuesday, Jan.10.

Senior Sal Rodriguez, freshman Collin Hayes, senior Vincent Narvez and junior Andres Solano  earned the Mustangs six points collectively with pins.  Also contributing to the win, junior Hassan Heldermerdash also earned six points by forfeit for Walnut.

The first match started for the Mustangs as 106-pound freshman Ryan Kim was taken down by Chino’s lightweight Joseph Torres with a quick in down to put the Cowboys up 6-0. After an uncontested win, senior Brian Mariscal got Walnut’s first contested win by earning three points with successful maneuvers for the Mustangs in three rounds plus overtime to put them up 9-6 for the first lead of the match.

“I just had to be confident and keep my mind set correctly. I’m a first year and I’m on varsity so I can’t get a bit nervous. I just have to make sure I’m confident” Kim said. “[After] I practiced really hard being aggressive..”

Walnut dominated the mat as Hayes made quick work in his first round win with a pin down to earn six points for Walnut. Rodriguez followed with a pindown of his own as he earned six points and helped extend the overall lead to 24-9.

“I just wanted to pin him as soon as possible because that’s the most amount of points I can get for my team, which is six,” Hayes said. “He wasn’t better than me technically. He made a lot of mistakes and stuff like that. I started to get more and more points because it was 6-0 going into the second period and that allowed me to break him mentally.”

In the final matches, Solano and Narvez both earned six points with pindowns to finalize the overall score 51-18 over Chino.

“[The mindset is] just simple, just get the points, the pin and the win,” Senior Zach Punsalang said. “[We need to] use our technique and don’t [drop] to their style and level of wrestling. We just need to keep working hard and practice everyday.”

By Andre Alvarez, Staff writer
Photo by Emily Chen