California Interscholastic Federation – Southern Section (CIF-SS) postpones all CIF state and regional competitions

Commissioner of athletics Rob Wigod released a California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section (CIF-SS) Update Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The CIF-SS update addressed the rising number of Covid-19 cases, explaining that circumstances pertaining to public health and safety have not changed since March 2020, which is a major concern to fall sports teams looking to debut in mid-December. Currently, the California Department of Public Health has not yet approved of CIF-SS’s plan to start fall sports, causing CIF-SS to cancel all CIF State and CIF Regional Championships until further notice.

“We must now try and meet the challenges ahead of us for moving forward with Boys/Girls Cross-Country, Boys/Girls Volleyball, Boys/Girls Water Polo and Football,” Wigod said. “It will be a difficult task, but one that we must try and do everything within our power to accomplish.”

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By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor

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