Catching Up to Boys Soccer

Boys Soccer has been hosting virtual workouts in order to maintain physical fitness and bonding as a team.

Varsity boys soccer is continuing virtual workouts to maintain skills for the upcoming season in March.

During sixth period, players discuss tactics, positions, set plays, defensive blocks and professional soccer plays. Players also participate together in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts every Friday to focus on cardio exercises such as high knees, push ups and squats. Varsity boys soccer coach Nicolas Blackford hosts these 10 minute HIIT workouts hosted through Google Meet. 

“[Class discussions] helped us prepare for the season a little since we have news that we are most likely going to have a season and we can start doing in person training,” right back senior Jonathan Villajin said. “[The HIIT workout] helps remotely because we all have our cameras on to keep each other accountable. The best part is that it’s the closest thing we can get to being in person with the whole team.” 

In addition, players are practicing individualized workouts each day this semester. Each player is responsible for creating their own workout routine, which consists of cardio, weight training or footwork exercises. 

“[The virtual workouts] helped me a lot to find more exercises to include. They’re really short sometimes so it’s easy to do one when I have a lot of assignments due and I want to be active,” left back senior Joshua DeGuzman said. “It’s helped a lot of us especially since we don’t have access to the equipment that we’d usually have on campus.”

By Sarah Lew, Staff writer
Photo courtesy Nicholas Blackford