Finding passion in helping run a republic

“Hi! My name is Karla Galvan, how can I help you today?”

This is the simple greeting that customers can expect by senior Karla Galvan when entering the Run Republic store in the Walnut Hills Village shopping plaza as she is restocking running equipment and supplies throughout the entire store.

Galvan started working at Run Republic’s retail section in August 2019 after finding out from a friend that they needed employees and were hiring. She had approached the store manager and turned in an application and a 15 minute interview was conducted. In a matter of a week, Galvan was asked to return to the store as a retail employee.

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to be able to work at the same store that a lot of other members on my cross country team had worked at before,” Galvan said. “It was awesome to come to a workplace where I know everyone and they knew me.”

At the store, Galvan works as a retail employee where she focuses on cleaning, organizing and helping out customers with any issues that they may have. She works five days a week for six hours. In order to balance her school life, Galvan prioritizes finishing her school work before going into work and before going to practice.

“When they hired me, they wanted specific people that are athletes so that they can share their experiences in athletics,” Galvan said. “They want some people to have experience in athletics so if someone has a question or anything like that about training or about the proper materials needed, they can receive the help.”

Working at Run Republic means more than just a job to Galvan. It represents her passion and love for running emulated into helping others experience that same passion that she has.

“I love running [because of the] group mentality that we all have. We obviously always have a lot going on and there’s always a lot to keep up with in regular life,” Galvan said. “Everyday that I run, it’s kind of like a reminder that you have to stay motivated and you have to want something and you have to want others to succeed as well.”

Galvan is currently a team captain on the Walnut High School cross country team. On the team she helps encourage others to work harder, create workouts to improve athletic ability and participate in team bonding activities.

“Being a team captain means much more to me than just a position,” Galvan said. “It means that I have to be there for my team and any member on the team no matter what. I have to be a role model and someone that everyone on the team can look up to.”

Galvan was inspired by her older sister to join the cross country team after going to her various meets and watching her race. After eventually joining, she fell in love with the sport and wanted to join it as soon as possible.

“My sister did cross country when she was in high school so when I got introduced to it in middle school, I just really liked that team aspect. So going off with that, like, I enjoyed being able to spend that time with my sister,” Galvan said. “I was able to meet the coach and the team and to know that I was going to have the same people there for me when I was in high school was something that was big for me just because it gave me that family aspect, like outside of home.”

By Samuel Au, Feature editor
Photos courtesy of Karla Galvan