los altos senor night

Football falls to Los Altos on Senior Night

Varsity football lost to Los Altos 0-57 on Senior Night Thursday Oct. 17.

In the first quarter, Los Altos scored a touchdown and a one-point safety at 9:58 due to a fumble after a pass by the Mustangs. During the next play, the Conquerors were able to intercept another passing leading to a touchdown at 8:03. Los Altos’s defensive line kept Walnut from advancing and the Conquerors rushed the Mustangs at 4:40 ending the first quarter 0-21.

“I try to push through and follow the ball whenever there is an open hole. I push through and try to get as many yards as I can but the first quarter was really disappointing,” running back sophomore Jose Gonzalez said. “We let multiple touchdowns go through early on which caused some people to shut down and feel like [the game] was done already.”

At the start of the second quarter, quarterback sophomore Caleb Del Pozo made a 21-yard pass to wide receiver junior Donavan Wallace at 11:20. At 8:40 Pozo passed 10 more yards to Wallace, giving Walnut another first down and eight yards away from the end zone. After multiple timeouts from both sides, the Mustangs were not able to score. The Conquerors responded, scoring a touchdown with 0:03 remaining ending the second quarter 0-28.

“Their defense was really tight and my defender was right on me, so I didn’t think that I would have been able to catch the pass and when I did, my team was really [excited] for me because if I [had] not caught that then it would not have been first down,” Wallace said.

In the third quarter, linebacker senior Jonathon Kamayatsu recovered a fumble from the Mustangs at 11:49. Throughout the rest of the quarter, Los Altos scored three more touchdowns due to fumbles by Walnut  and subsequent interceptions, finishing off the third quarter with a score of 0-50.

“[Whenever I play], I give lots of my effort and [leave] no regret on the field and [try] my hardest because if I don’t try my hardest, then I might as well not be playing at all,” Gonzalez said. “At the end, I had lots of disappointment because I felt like I truly tried my hardest and worked hard to stay on my own grind too.”

During the fourth quarter, running back and linebacker senior Carlos Castellos made a 12-yard run through the Conquerors, defense, resulting  in a first down at 9:02. Los Altos scored its eighth touchdown at 4:00. Overall, the Mustangs were defeated by the Conquerors closing the game 0-57.

“Overall, I think what we had to do was right even though we did lose. I felt like the other players kept pushing and tried their absolute best,” Castellos said. ”I can personally do better by being more of a leader and keep pushing everyone and getting ready for the next game and next year.”

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez