Varsity girls’ basketball defeats Don Lugo

Varsity girls’ basketball defeated Don Lugo 62-28 at home on Friday, Jan. 6.

Walnut’s offense was led by point guard senior Jenna Pitpit who totaled 16 points, one rebound, three assists and four steals. Power forward junior Yasmin Dabbous followed closely behind with 13 points, six rebounds, one assist and one steal.

“I felt very confident in our abilities. It’s just being in the right mindset, not letting them come back into the game and not giving up even after you have the lead,” shooting guard junior Allen Wong said. “We’ve been practicing pretty intensely and just working hard and having dedication.”

In the first half, Walnut started off with possession of the ball and pulled further ahead, scoring 13 unanswered points by the 7:25 mark. Dabbous scored 6 points in the first quarter, but Pitpit scored the most overall in the first half with 10 points. Don Lugo fell behind with several turnovers, ending the first half 30-10.

“Every time I’m in [the game], the rush and the excitement hit me again. I have to remind myself to focus on my fundamentals and to not be in such a rush” shooting guard senior Chloe Hsu said.

The third quarter began with a three pointer from Pitpit. The Mustangs gained the most points in this quarter through their 22 point gain with sophomore center Theresa Lin scoring eight. Dabbous sank a buzzer beater, finishing the quarter 52-16.

“I felt pretty good because we were winning, but I knew we had to still play well, ” power forward sophomore Alisa Koay said. “Offense was good because we were scoring pretty well. For defense, we did good stopping their players.”

Don Lugo rallied in the fourth quarter and  was able to score 12 points with several free throws and turnovers from Walnut. However, Walnut managed to keep their lead and ended the game 62-28.

“I think defensively we did pretty good, we just stayed consistent the whole game and we didn’t let up. For offense we just played well the entire game and scored pretty well,” Wong said. “I like the intensity that we can play at and that the entire team can bond over a lot of specific moments, both on and off the court.”

By Nicole Chiang, Staff writer
Photo by Anna Yu