Varisty girls’ basketball defeats Monrovia

Varsity girls’ basketball defeated Monrovia High School 71-34 at home Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Point guard senior Jenna Pitpit led the team with 16 points, one rebound and one assist, followed by shooting guard senior Caitlin Fu who totaled 13 points, four rebounds, five assists and four steals.

“We did a good job shutting down the key on defense and a lot of our shots were going in. I felt like we were moving the ball really well between teammates and stuff so there was good ball movement,” power forward junior Nadia Dabbous said.

Monrovia began the first quarter with possession of the ball, but took an extended time out because of an injury. Following the break, the Mustangs took control of the game early on with five three-point shots scored by Fu and Pitpit, ending the quarter 29-10.

“The first quarter’s really important because you have to come out strong and our starters did that really well,” Dabbous said. “Their offense shots were really great and defensively they were really focused,”

Center sophomore Theresa Lin scored six of the 18 points the team gained throughout the second quarter. The Mustangs extended their lead with a 16-7 run, and Lin scored the last shot of the quarter at the 13.1 second mark, finishing with a score of  47-17.

“I was happy I was scoring, but also disappointed in myself because I could have scored more. [I want to improve] by looking more at the hoop when I’m open [and] I flash the high post. [I need to] work on my post moves such as  stepping through, drop stepping and practice my shots,” Lin said.

The Mustangs went on a scoring streak of 17 points to further their lead in the third quarter as it ended with a missed buzzer beater from Fu and a score of 64-25. One of Monrovia’s key players was substituted because of an ankle injury near the end of the quarter and was unable to play for the rest of the game.

“Offensively, we scored a lot so I don’t think there’s that much [to improve] because our offense is really good,” shooting guard sophomore Annie Hwang said. “There’s always things to improve on offense like ball movement and communication. The girls on the bench that start subbing in need to know what to do when they come in.”

With two steals and four turnovers, Monrovia’s team pushed their way past Walnut’s defense but were unable to gain momentum, concluding the game 71-34.

“[As a team, we can] improve our defense but we’re going to be facing a lot more difficult teams over the next few weeks in tournaments, so we have to take this momentum and bring it forward to other games,” Hwang said.

By Isaac Le, Staff writer 
Photo by Austin Lam