Girls golf competes in CIF State Finals

Girls golf placed third in its third consecutive 2017 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Championship Tuesday, Nov. 14th at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Six players represented Walnut at the competition, finishing an overall score of 390. Sophomore Naomi Wiranatha and senior Katherine Muzi both carded at 77, junior Abigail Wiranatha and senior Trussy Li both carded at 78, freshman Tiffany Le carded at 81 and junior Nicole Le carded at 85.

“I’ve improved a lot. I’ve sacrificed staying at home and doing homework [for] practicing more, but it’s fun. I’ve received more experience, and I’ve been able to play more people [at higher levels],” Tiffany said.

Prior to the finals, the team practiced at multiple courses across Southern California. They also held meetings to discuss their game plan for the following day, which varied from ball placement, swing technique and strategy.

“We practiced really hard. Our coach would take us to different golf courses, [and] we also took a lot of practice rounds at the courses we would later play,” Naomi said.

Much dedication and sacrifice was required from each player in order to compete at the State Finals. Players needed to prioritize their time when it came to deciding what to do both on and off the course.

Going into next season, the Mustangs want to improve their strengths while also work on their weaknesses. With five seniors graduating, the team looks to rebuild and continue training in hopes of reaching CIF State Finals for the fourth consecutive time.

“I think we just need to be less nervous when it comes to big tournaments like this,” Nicole said. “[On the other hand], we’ve improved in cooperation and teamwork, and we’ve gotten to know each other more. We’ve connected. In the beginning [of the season], we didn’t really talk much, [and] we were more focused on other things. But now we’re a better bonded team.”

By Matthew Au, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Le