Varsity girls’ Golf League Preliminaries

Varsity girls’ golf enters the Hacienda League prelims Tuesday, Oct. 18 and are in a three day preliminary tournament to qualify for league championships.

The Mustangs’ total score was 446, consisting of senior Catherine Yu’s 75, sophomore Abigail Wiranatha’s 75, junior Trussy Li’s 73, senior Anabelle Chang’s 73, junior Rachel Zhang’s 74 and junior Katherine Muzi’s 76. Yu, Wiranatha, Li, Chang, Zhang and Muzi were the top six players of today’s round.

“I think it was a game of no pressure for the team, especially because it was prelims for individuals. We feel confident for Thursday’s round, and we think of it as a practice for the upcoming more important tournaments,” said senior Catherine Yu.

The top eight individuals in the current match are First Team All League and will get to play at the individual CIF Monday, Oct. 24. The winner with the best score will be League MVP.

“I feel confident and ready for Thursday’s round. Hopefully I will execute all my shots,” Yu said.

The matches are set to continue until Thursday, Oct. 20.

By Irene Zhou, Staff writer
Photo by Bella Pan