Varsity girls’ soccer loses to South Hills

Varsity girls’ soccer lost 0-3 against South Hills at a pre-season at home Wednesday, Jan 4.

The Mustangs began on offense, attempting to move upfield but were blocked which allowed South Hills forward senior Madison Warren to steal the ball and score the first goal of the game. The Mustangs remained scoreless while South Hills scored once more, ending the half with a score of 0-2.

“We communicated a lot, which helped us, and we covered each other to help us from getting beat with the ball. I thought we worked really well as a team today [compared to] other games where we sometimes left gaps in the field,” senior left defender Vivian Corona said. “We weren’t making decisions fast enough in this game, and it hurt us a bit in the long run.”

Both teams attempted to stay on offense at the beginning of the second half. With South Hills still in the lead, Walnut struggled to move the ball upfield, and the remainder of the game continued near the Walnut goal. After a missed block attempt by Walnut senior goalie Claire Martinez, South Hills scored the last point of the game.

“[During the] second half, we came out with more gut. We always seem to start slow during the first half and once the second half starts, we look like a different team. Coming out of the [first] half I felt angry after getting scored on from a play that could’ve been stopped,” sophomore right middle Kaitlyn Wong said. “Going down to zero was really hard on us, but our coach did a good job of motivating us in the locker room.”

Mustangs are looking to improve their offense and teamwork by working on quicker decision making and keeping control of the ball. They will be playing their first game of the season against Chino on Wednesday.

“[Playing South Hills] was a good challenge for us, because they are CIF champions, so I think it was good for us to come play and test ourselves against them,” Wong said. “We haven’t played many games together yet, so we we’re still getting used to each other and how we play. By the end of preseason, we’re going to be ready.”

By Erica Chang, Staff writer 
Photo by Jamie Chen 

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