Girls tennis defeats Diamond Bar

Varsity girls tennis took the victory against Diamond Bar 10-8 on Thursday, Sept. 14 at an away game.

The Mustangs experienced a slow start during the first round before making a comeback in the second and third rounds. Doubles players seniors Vivian Lee and Sara Santos along with singles player freshman Julianna Vich won three sets throughout the game, while singles players sophomores Kelly Jensen and McKenzie Mai pulled away with two sets each.

“It was more of a mind game this time because we usually [prepare for games] just like normal games, but since they’re our rivals, it’s more of a mental game,” Santos said. “I felt really pressured with myself, but then I kept pushing through and [we] ended up sweeping them and we ended up winning.”

During the first round, Lee and Santos defeated their opponents with a score of 6-2 while the Mustangs lost its other two doubles matches to the Brahmas. Vich and sophomore McKenzie Mai each won their first matches 6-1 and 6-0 respectively, while senior Florence Ao lost 5-7, tying the overall game count to 3-3.

“I started off slow during the warm ups, so that wasn’t good. In the first game, I got a little too overconfident,” Vich said. “I started to lose confidence when I was up against the [singles one player]. I was able to recover by going over my strokes and I was like, ‘don’t give up, you [have to] win [and be] undefeated.’ I just tried to encourage myself.”

Singles player sophomore Kelly Jensen replaced Ao as a substitute and secured two more wins during the last two rounds. The Mustangs won all their singles matches during the second round, while Lee and Santos defeated their opponents by countering their lobs with overheads and slices.

“I was more nervous, since I usually play singles instead of doubles. When he put me in from doubles, it changed my perspective of playing and my mentality. It was a little bit different, but I liked it,” varsity player sophomore Elaine Chen said. “We encouraged each other when we lost [matches], and told each other that it was okay when we missed [to help the team maintain confidence].”

Going into the last round 7-5, the Mustangs pushed and ended with three more victories, bringing the score up to 10-8. Vich and Jensen both won their games along with Lee and Santos, while Mai lost her match 4-6.

“For the Diamond Bar game, I was a lot more hyped since they’re our rival school. I was [also] a little more determined playing them, and I really wanted to beat them,” Mai said. “I believe that I did pretty well, but I think I could have done better during the last round. I think that staying on the sides of the courts and just cheering everyone on really helps motivate you to play better, and it gives you more energy.”

By Jessica Huang, Production lead
Photo by Emily Ng