Junior varsity girls tennis loses to Glendora

Junior varsity girls tennis lost to Glendora 8-10 in a preseason home game Tuesday, Aug. 28.

In the first round, doubles players sophomore Arushi Choksey and freshman Katherine Sutandar, sophomores Laila Sultan and Lindsey Yu, and junior Megan Lee and freshman Renee Chang won their first sets 6-1, 6-3 and 7-5, respectively. Singles player sophomore Jenny Shen also secured her first set, winning 6-3.  

“In the beginning [of my match], I was worried because we were losing 0-3, but then [Coach Josiah] told us we were getting caught off guard too much. After we won one match in the set, I became more confident, then Lindsey and I started playing well, and we won 6-3,” Sultan said.

After losing her first set 2-6, singles player sophomore Amy Wu defeated her second opponent 7-6 with several backhand returns and successful serves. Later in the second round, Lee and Chang took a 6-0 win in their second set, making the score 3-9.

“In the first round, I was a little nervous because we were tied,” Lee said. “I felt satisfied when we won the match because my shots were pretty good and my serves were pretty good. I just have to practice and focus time on mistakes and correct them as much as I can.”

During the third round, singles player freshman Felicia Ang and doubles players sophomores Flora Lei and Katelyn Yang finished their sets 0-6. Wu completed her last set 6-0, adding to Walnut’s score.

“I know that I’m surrounded by my friends and they’re there to support me, so [there’s] nothing to be scared of. It’s just a game. It’s just a sport that I like,” Shen said. “As long as [I was] confident in [my] shots they should go in. I’m trying to make myself become more aware of like my faults and where I’m [going] wrong.”

By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor

Photo by Sarah Aie