Varsity girls’ tennis defeats Los Altos

Varsity girls’ tennis scored a victory over Los Altos during a home game on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The varsity team kept a constant winning streak with six wins throughout the game, ending the game with a score of 17-1.

Singles players junior Florence Ao and freshman Vianna Sanapanya each won their sets, with substitute senior Julie Yuan switching with Sanapanya in the third round. Walnut won each match with a lead of three points, and substitute singles player senior Kalie Loc also defeated the Eagles to win two sets.

“I normally don’t play singles. I should probably move my feet more and hit harder shots because when I play singles, I like hitting the easy shots to ensure that the ball goes in,” Loc said.

In the first round, singles players junior Kelly Chuang, Ao and Sanapanya all won their matches with scores of 6-0. Doubles players senior Misa Smanpongse and junior Katherine Co, along with double players senior Jo Ann Sun and junior Crystal Xu, secured wins in their sets as well.

“I felt pretty confident. [Katherine] and I have been partners for most of the season, so I know how to play well with her. When Katherine and I play, we don’t really pressure each other to do well, so even if one of us does mess up, we just shake it off and touch racquets instead of making each other feel like we did something wrong just because we missed a shot,” Smanpongse said.

During the third round, Ao won her set 6-0, while double players sophomore Theresa Lin and freshman McKenzie Mai won their match 6-1 by countering with several volleys and alternating returns. However, Loc lost her final set 3-6, ending the game with an overall score of 17-1.  

“There was a point in the game where the other team was up 0-30 and I felt like we were going to lose, but we always reassured and pushed each other on after we lost a point. We persevered, hustled and eventually made a comeback in the end to win,” Lin said.

By Sherman Wu, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen

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