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Girls tennis defeats West Covina

Girls varsity tennis defeated West Covina 17-1 in a home league game on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The Mustangs began the first round with singles players senior Florence Ao, junior Theresa Lin and sophomore McKenzie Mai each winning their first round sets 6-0. Doubles players seniors Vivian Lee and Sara Santos also earned a 6-0 victory against the Bulldogs.

“I wasn’t too nervous before the game because we’ve already played West Covina. [But] at some points [during the game] I got worried because I kept hitting the ball too hard, so I quickly corrected my mistakes and was able to beat [my opponent] 6-0,” Mai said. “[For the rest of the game], I was just hitting with a lot of topspin and making sure the ball went in.”

In the first and second rounds, doubles players sophomore Leanne Lim and freshman Julianna Vich coordinated forehand and backhand strokes to counter and take advantage of their opponents’ serves and frequent lobs to win 6-0.

“I felt confident [starting] the game as I was hitting my shots, and when I felt like that I played better. I wasn’t really worried [about winning] because I knew my partner and I could beat our opponents, as they didn’t hit as hard as we did and [they] also served softly,” Lim said. “[Winning my games] felt like an achievement.”

Singles players sophomores Elaine Chen and Kelly Jensen returned their opponents’ serves and slices with forehand strokes and volleys, which resulted in 6-0 wins for both of them in the third round. Despite the defaulted singles match, Walnut was able to win the rest of its sets against West Covina.

“Overall, I think we were very relaxed and playful during the game both off and on the court,” doubles player senior Crystal Xu said. “I think this is essentially how we approach matches as a team, with a really easy going and optimistic attitude, just simply taking it game by game.”

By Jacob Khuu, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le

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