Girls’ varsity tennis wins back to back, JV falls short against Bonita

Girls’ varsity tennis played two consecutive games and won its second and third preseason games against Bonita (12-6) and against Nogales (17-1) on Sept. 9 and 10. Junior varsity lost its second preseason game against Bonita 6-12.

Playing against Bonita, varsity led the score winning both their singles and doubles matches, beating its opponents. Varsity dominated the court against Nogales, losing only one doubles match mainly because of the lack of substitutes. Junior varsity won five of its singles matches and one doubles match.

“We cheer each other on and we have this mindset that it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose. When we’re losing, the whole team goes to support the ongoing matches. Even when we were playing Nogales, we cheered each other on. We won by a lot, but it doesn’t mean we stop supporting our team,” varsity player sophomore Misa Smanpongse said.

By Brian Wu, Sports editor

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