Varsity girls’ water polo defeats Don Lugo

Varsity girls’ water polo defeated Don Lugo 8-5 at an away non-conference game Tuesday, Jan. 3.

After losing to the same team last season, Walnut improved its offensive strategy and was able to keep the ball for the majority of the game. They ended the first quarter trailing behind by three, but caught up in the second by scoring four consecutive goals. Utility senior Erin De’anda led the team, scoring five of the eight points. Don Lugo was close throughout the game, but ultimately fell short in the fourth quarter when driver senior Lauren Carlton scored another goal, securing the victory for Walnut.

“During the game I felt confident because we all were doing so well,” utility junior Yaneli Sainz said. “The plays that were taught to us before the game really did help us in scoring goals and having smart offense. This game was special because we haven’t played a game in a while and the fact that we got out there and gave it all we got and had a great result was an amazing feeling.”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen